Major Achievements of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment

Below are the major achievements of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment:

· Industrial Peace and Harmony:

The Ministry ensured industrial peace and harmony through conciliation and apprehension of industrial disputes in the following sectors: Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Health, Aviation, Education and Power.

The Ministry also nipped emerging industrial crisis in the bud thereby creating a relatively peaceful industrial milieu in spite of the economic recession.

· Employment Creation

In the area of job creation and certification, the Ministry tested and certificated 8,192 candidates both employed and unemployed, upgraded 5,700 craftsmen and artisans, trained 905 Air force officer’s wards and wives, organized several workshops, Trainings and seminars targeted at employment creation.

· Improving National Productivity :

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment in collaboration with the National Productivity Centre is working on the development of the first ever National Wage Linkage System Template, aimed at ensuring that wage determination is guided by workers’ productivity amongst other variable.

· Social Security Protection For Vulnerable Nigerians

The Ministry is actively involved in the implementation of the social safety net programme, such as N-POWER and Conditional Cash Transfer, of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, which is aimed at providing succor to the poorest of the poor in the Nigerian society.

· Work place inspection and safety

The Ministry under the leadership of the Honourable Minister, Senator Chris Ngige conducted routine specialized inspections of factories and workplaces nationwide to ensured safety and Health at work places in tandem with global best practices

· Policies formulation and validations

Towards protecting the well-being of Nigerian workforce and ensuring occupational safety and health in the Country, the Ministry formulated and validated the under listed policies.

Ø National Occupational Safety and Health Profile

Ø Diving, pressure vessel and lifting equipment regulations

Ø National employment policies

Ø National Policy on Labour Migration

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